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2009 Activities

In January 2009, Dennis continued producing turnings from a fresh cherry tree cut down in Missouri by Greg Paige.  Natural edge bowls sold well at the ‘3 from the Rockies’ show at Living Arts of Tulsa in November, so Dennis decided to continue working with this form.    In February, while attending the Desert Woodturning Roundup, Dennis found a bowl in a Scottsdale gallery made by Bert Marsh.  That piece inspired him to return to the shop and explore the nuances of turning a foot on the natural edge bowls.

This interest in natural edge turning began in 2008, when the Pikes Peak Woodturners took on the Empty Bowls fundraiser as a service project.  The club provided over 100 bowls for the event.  Dennis made about 30 of those, and then just kept turning, as he continues to refine the shapes.  The winter provides good woodshop time for Dennis in Monument, Colorado, where snow stays on the ground for weeks at a time.

In March, Dennis demonstrated general twist work for the Denver club, and skew chisel and turning a practice stick for the Pueblo woodturning club.  He finds that many woodturners entering the craft in the past few years have skipped spindle work and skew chisel control.  With renewed interest in architectural and furniture applications, there is a renewed demand for these skills.

Dennis offers lessons in tool control to members of the Pikes Peak Woodturners as one of mentors of the club.  During February and March, he provided hands-on tutorials in both thread chasing and use of the skew chisel.

April and May will require considerable travel time for Dennis.  He will be demonstrating at the Southern States Symposium (see Events listing) April 24-26, and then for the Palmetto Woodturners in early May.  After that, he has a class scheduled at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  During the gaps in the schedule, he will visit with Nick and Kathy Cook, and find time to join in the camaraderie at Nick’s studio in Marietta, Georgia.

In June, Dennis will be demonstrating at Ft. Collins and the Pikes Peak Woodturners will be preparing for their first all-club show, opening at the Manitou Springs Business of Arts Center on July 3rd.

In early August, Dennis will host Nick Cook for demonstrations and classes on the Front Range of Colorado.

Dennis hopes to make another wood-gathering trip to Missouri and a fishing trip to Tincup, Colorado in August or September.   He also hopes to make a return trip to England in 2009 to visit some English woodturning friends.

If you are looking for a demonstrator for a club or symposium, give Dennis a call at 719-481-8754 to check the availability of dates for your organization.