Natural Edge Bowls — where and when to get one!

Some folks have inquired about purchasing one of the natural edge bowls.   Dennis makes them in batches from freshly-cut trees, so the inventory of bowls depends upon the availability of good trees.  For this winter, bowls from cherry and ash are for sale in the M.A. Doran Gallery in Tulsa, OK, during the Holiday Sale which runs through January  2nd.

Dennis will look for  new trees during January in order to produce another batch of bowls with bark.  Generally, he is able to find cherry or ash in northwest Missouri, which has more hardwood trees than Colorado.  The winter-cut trees hold the bark better.  This is one of those works of art that takes both art and science!  When you see a natural edge bowl that you like, get it, because the grainlines will probably never be repeated in a subsequent bowl.  These are unique collaborations between the woodturner and Mother Nature.

Caring for a natural edge bowl:   It’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight, which will darken the wood.  Choose only light-weight, non-liquid contents!  If the surface needs polishing, use a high-quality paste wax, applied very thinly and delicately rubbed out.  The original finish was ‘Renaissance Wax.’  Contact Dennis if you have questions about caring for any of your woodturnings.

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