Injury calls forth magic

cookingwandwebDennis has been on injured reserve since the Liggett family reunion in December 2010.  The grandsons proved to be remarkably capable tennis table players.   All woodturning projects are now on hold until the defiant rotators can be rewound this spring.

There is a video project waiting in England, fresh cherry logs on the ground in Missouri, and numerous masterpieces locked in the wood shop’s lumber supply.   Nevertheless, Dennis has figured out that he can still do some small diameter spindle work.   Magic wands, to be exact.  Two grandchildren had broken their Harry Potter wands (made last year for Halloween), two more had wands on order, and then son James requested a gift for a co-worker with a difficult new assignment. Instructions for the Harry Potter wands are vague enough to allow changes in wood and general design.  The photo is an early prototype which has found a home in the Liggett kitchen as a general purpose cooking wand.

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  1. Karen Gregory Cheek
    Posted June 5, 2011 at 7:23 am | Permalink

    We missed you last night at the reunion and so sorry it was due to an injury. You are famous!! and I can tell you love what you do and obviously very good at it. Get well soon. We are scheduled for another get-to-gether in five years so will see you then.