Birdhouses? Why Birdhouses?

Dennis can make a variety of things on the lathe, but as Christmas approaches, he always returns to the Birdhouse Ornaments.

Of all the ornaments he has created, the simple Birdhouse just looks right on any Christmas tree.  By itself, you might notice the type of wood, the shape of the roof, the lovely curve of the ‘house,’ and the teeny perch in front of the door.   All of these same features show to good advantage among the pine needles of your tree.  This ornament is too small for a bird, but just right to contain a song, or the memory of home.

Dennis will be at the Christmas House at the Broadmoor again this year, with a variety of birdhouse ornaments for sale.  Look for him just outside the white tent, demonstrating on the lathe for kids waiting in line for Santa.   November 29, 30th (Reindeer Day), and December 1st.