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Freeform – Treeform

Working with green wood has been a new adventure for Dennis.  He turns these natural edge vessels down to less than 1/16th thickness in the first session on the lathe, and then refines them in the final session.  The thin walls ovalize as they dry, but the bark stays on most of the time.  Dennis […]

Twist and Turn at Southern States

Dennis offers 3 different rotations at the Southern States Symposium, April 24-26th in Gainesville, GA.   TWISTED LAMINATED GOBLET:  Dennis slows down Stuart Mortimer’s virtuoso goblet demonstration so that you can learn the keys to success.  The goblet is made in four parts and includes drilling through 7″ of endgrain for an insert of contrasting […]

Twisted Finial

The How-To of Twistwork is found on the ‘Skills’ tab of this website. Open twists make a great finial–light and airy, especially in a darker color. Notice that your eye goes to the ends of the bines, where particular care needs to be taken with the cut. Dennis turned this piece in 2001 after studying […]

Mortimer Goblet

Stuart Mortimer made this demo goblet quickly from Osage Orange. He considers it a little ‘rough,’ but it shows the Master’s hand in the proportions of base to stem, and stem to cup, as well as the slight taper in the twistwork.