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The Art of Teaching Fine Crafts

American Woodturner’s  June issue  tells the story of the work that Dennis has done for two years developing classes for the Bemis School of Art at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. There were quite a few hurdles to getting the classroom ready.  Bemis does not have a good ventilation system in the classroom, so […]

A perennial favorite!

  Aspen Snowmen are a natural way to celebrate our native wood, and our famous winter sporting climate. Dennis makes the snowmen in several sizes, as sculptures,  as 5″ tall upside-down salt shakers, and as Christmas ornaments. The hats are turned from urban forest trees–primarily walnut. Save

Team Pepper

A classic peppermill shape with detail created by a laminated turning blank.  The shape is revealed when the curves are cut on the lathe.  They are rarely identical, but definitely members of the same team. Dennis makes, sells, and teaches peppermills.   These are just one of several classic styles that he prefers. Save

Dennis introduced woodturning through the Bemis School of Art

Dennis spent a good part of 2016 developing a woodturning class for the Bemis School of Art.  The Pikes Peak Woodturners negotiated a contract for classroom and meeting space at Bemis in exchange for three class and three demonstrations to the public.   Dennis was the first volunteer teacher for the club. In this photo, Dennis […]

Slipper, Pad, Cabriolet…

Dennis learned to turn this charming furniture leg from the late Allan Batty.  It was a common request in Batty’s day in the English turning shop. The turning requires cutting off the pommel (square section at top), tapering the leg, and then offsetting it enough to create a dainty ankle just above the foot.  It […]

Snowmen Acting Up Again…

   Some of the aspen snowmen made by Dennis were caught here in newspaper black and white by Nick Agar.  They appear to be plotting something nefarious while vigorously puffing on their turned pipes.   This year’s fellows all have names and distinct personalities.  They will appear this winter at the St. Peter’s School Holiday Botique, […]

New finish available for burial urns

Earlier this summer, Dennis met with Richard Pankratz, a bronze sculptor, to develop a convincing patina on urns made of wood.   The happy result is this finish in aged bronze. The advantage of the faux bronze urn is that the urn itself is lighter in weight, and the use of pine keeps the urns in […]

Bowl emerges as a new demonstration

   This little bowl of ambrosia maple is struggling to emerge from its block of wood. The woodturner also faces some challenges turning this piece!  Like the Roman Canteen, the Emerging Bowl requires turning on two different axes.  Dennis has chosen this project as a companion to the canteen for the intermediate woodturner.   It is […]

A spring in his step

Dennis is standing at the lathe with several spring demonstrations and classes.  He was at the Kansas City Woodturners’ Club in February, demonstrating and teaching the upside-down salt shaker and the Roman Canteen.  In March, he demonstrated for the Pueblo Woodturning Club.  March 14th,  he spent a Saturday at the Good Earth Garden Center’s Homestead […]

A forest of trees for Christmas!

Dennis and two fellow woodturners cut down an ailing honey locust tree in Skyway during a warm spell in October.  This little forest was made from the branch wood. Branches are always challenging for the woodturner.  They move and sway in the wind, so there may be unusual stresses in the wood.  They are often […]