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Dale Nish Egg Cup

NishEggCupWebThis little egg cup was made by Dale during one of the Loveland Symposiums, in the vendor booth for Craft Supplies.  He probably learned this shape on the many trips he made to England in his quest to preserve the craft of woodturning.  For such a towering presence in North American woodturning, Dale was a modest man who enjoyed any reason to stand behind the lathe.

Handle Design

NickCookbrushWebNick Cook’s brush handle of Brazilian cherry makes the argument that function is a key element of art.  It is well-balanced, pleasant to hold, and warm to the touch.

Richard Raffan’s ultimate spindle work

Pick-upSticksWebDennis loves this set of pick-up sticks for the virtuosity of the turnings.  Made of sandalwood, the sticks fit together snugly into the box.  The box fit is such that it takes several minutes for the lid to settle all the way to the closed position.  Richard learned to make these slow-closing boxes for Japanese tea caddies used in their traditional tea ceremonies.  These  pick-up sticks are the Zen version of the traditional children’s game!

Raffan bowl


This piece was made in a demo…sometimes the quickly executed form reveals the skill of the craftsman best of all. Dennis picks up this small oak bowl by Richard Raffan often. The curve of the base is perfect, inside and out. And then the beads–all cut quickly with a gouge; well-matched, clean, and climbing up the curve exactly as they should.

Raffan Forms


We often think of Richard Raffan as an expert crafter of useful objects. With this series of forms, Richard has done some counter-intuitive things. First, although they are tall, they are turned sidegrain. And wet. And then the bright red interiors play against the opaque surface finish. Altogether, Dennis has five of these. Working in ensembles was new for Raffan when these were made, and a great step for the art of woodturning.

Alan Batty’s Secret Box


Allan Batty’s Secret Box appears in many publications, but not often with the three parts shown separately. This piece reminds Dennis of the amazing skill of traditional hardwood and ivory turners, although Allan now uses alternative ivory to make it. When you hold it in your hand, you will understand that good turning uses magic, not illusion!

Stott Spindle


Chris Stott made this spindle turning of a woman’s form with some very trick off-center turning. Dennis values it for the way that the technique is subordinate to the design objective.

Nick Agar carved vessel


This small vessel made from grassroot fills your hand with wonder.  It is extremely light to carry the amount of information it provides about networks, structures, textures, and finishes.  Nick finished this one in the Liggett workshop on his first visit to the US.

Mortimer Goblet


Stuart Mortimer made this demo goblet quickly from Osage Orange. He considers it a little ‘rough,’ but it shows the Master’s hand in the proportions of base to stem, and stem to cup, as well as the slight taper in the twistwork.