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Lacey Edge Goblet

Note:   The ‘How-to’ technical notes for making twistwork are found on the ‘Skills’ tab of this website….

The lacy edge adds lift to this more substantial goblet form. Cover the rim, and you will discover that the lace is not ‘fluff’–it creates the success of the piece. Ornament at its best completes and energizes the form. Dennis learned this technique working with Stuart Mortimer.


Twins - not a conventional set

Twins - Both are right-hand twists


Dennis turned these goblets for the Southern States Symposium demonstration from canary wood, with a laminated stem of holly and canary wood.  They are 10 1/2″ tall.   The twist is a right hand twist, which means that it appears to rise from left to right.  Sometimes a pair of goblets or candlesticks will have one right-hand twist, and one left-hand twist.

The goblets are decorative, although they might be used once or twice for a special toast.  Spirits will definitely damage the finish.