Notes for Symposium participants

General Twist Information is available here on the ‘SKILLS’ page.  Click on SKILLS right under the spindle on this page.  Go to section #2 for Twist information.  Use the link for Twistwork in the right sidebar to see all of the posts about Twistwork on the site.   The details for the goblet with the twisted laminated stem are on a separate page –GOBLET.  There are additional photos in the posts indexed for ‘goblets.’

Notes for making the canteen are on the PROJECTS page under PROJECT #2.   Use the link for Canteens (right sidebar)  to see previous posts and photos.  Dennis has modified some steps, and added new decorative possibilities since he last demonstrated the canteen at Southern States in 2009.

‘Tangled Aspen’ is a new demonstration for 2014.  Dennis will have hand-outs for Southern States participants.  The link for Christmas ornaments  (right sidebar) has a photo of the 2013 birdhouse ornament with the tangled aspen roof.

Enjoy the symposium!

Photo:  Honduras Rosewood Burl twisted, laminated Goblet

–Dennis calls these two goblets the Impossible Twins because of the difficulty of cutting the twist in burl wood.